Roundnet has been a favorite game of campers for years!  Premier Spike supplies the most durable equipment, designed to provide years of fun for your campers!

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The Basics

Roundnet is one of the fastest growing sports because it's so easy to learn the basics! 
Just think: volleyball, plus 4 square, minus boundaries = roundnet!

Traditionally it's played 2 on 2, with each team getting up to 3 alternating hits (like volleyball), but instead of hitting the ball over a net to change teams' possesion, you spike it onto the net to change possession.  The last team that's able to get the ball on the net wins the point!

But, what really makes it great for camps is that there are so many variations you can play besides the official rules!  You can play 3 on 3, allow 1 bounce, or get creative with multiple nets and make up your own rules to suit your campers.

Hear From Our Customers

Christian Coleman

"I just gotta say THIS THING IS THE BEST. Y'all designed a net that blows the pro net out of the water.  Everyone who plays on it loves it, and they are truly amazed at how strong the rims are and the pressure they can take without breaking! "

premier spike for campers

Michael Hall 

"We bought two nets. Sturdy! Well designed! Better than [the leading brand].
As advertised, the net is MUCH STURDIER than the competition.  Plus the legs that double as ball holders are straight-up genius. Balls don't roll away anymore every time the wind picks up or when we're playing a quick game in the parking lot."

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Casey Harman

"Best net in roundnet!!!

I love this net!! Incredibly durable, easily transportable, easy to set up and take down, doesn't move around a ton."

roundnet on premier spike
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