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Premier Spike Kit


Unleash the fun at your next outdoor gathering with the Premier Spike Kit, the pinnacle of roundnet equipment. Perfect for the backyard, beach, tailgating events, camping adventures, and more!  This kit is designed for easy learning and endless enjoyment. Roundnet, often described as a blend of volleyball and 4-square, is engaging and simple to pick up, so you can start spiking the ball in no time!

Kit Features:

  • Innovative Design: The Premier Spike kit is engineered to avoid the common issues of twisting, turning, bending, or breaking experienced with other brands
  • Portable and Convenient: Despite its sturdy build, the kit is designed to be easily disassembled and packed into the included carrying bag, making it the ideal travel companion for any outdoor activity.

Complete Kit Includes: 

  • The Set: Features 5 rims, 5 legs, and netting.
  • 2 Grippy Balls: Offer superior grip and control, enhancing your game to allow for precise spikes and serves.
  • Court Measuring Line: Easily set up a standard roundnet court with the included measuring line for serving and a no-hit-zone.

Whether you are new to roundnet or a seasoned player, the Premier Spike Kit delivers the ultimate game experience. Get ready to serve, spike, and dive into action with the highest quality roundnet set on the market!

The Premier Spike Kit is approved by the International Roundnet Federation and meets the required guidelines for tournament equipment.

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Eli (Nashville, US)

Nothing else to say except it literally is the best.

Thank you for your kind words! We are thrilled to hear that you are loving our Premier Spike Set. We strive to provide the best products for our customers, and we are so glad it has met your expectations. Thanks for choosing our brand!

Brent Roundnet) (Altamonte Springs, US)
The Best Roundnet Set on the planet!!

This is written from the perspective of a tournament director. Everything is better than any other Roudnet set! Start with storage, with the legs all off, the sets pack away with a smooth stack, no folded legs to get in the way, and sets getting caught on other set nets. They just store and transport much easier. No more broken sets during a tournament! These are the toughest out there! The net, once tightens to the proper tension stays put. This means more consistent net tension! This is so much better to play on! No more adjusting the net after every play, this thing stays put! I no longer have to worry about broken rims and having to get so many replacement rim pieces every year! On any other set the net tension is very hard to get even, and the net loosens over time, and every time you replace a rim you have to adjust again! With Premier Spike you get the best of everything! You must make the switch with your club!!

Hi Brent!

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience! We are constantly striving to improve our products, and your feedback as a tournament director is greatly appreciated as the Premier Spike set was designed by a tournament director, and we're glad that it has exceeded your expectations and you've noticed the improvements to fix the same pain points that he experienced with other brands.

Thank you for choosing Premier Spike Set and for recommending it to other clubs. We are happy to be a part of your roundnet journey and look forward to continuing to provide you with high-quality products.

Customer Service at Premier Spike Set

Carla Christiansen (Lakeville, US)
Quality Equipment

We have used other versions of roundnet but found Premier Spike brand to be far more durable and longer lasting than other brands on the market today. This is the perfect version to use for high use situations like schools.

Thank you for your kind review! We are so happy to hear that you and your students are enjoying the quality and durability of our Premier Spike Set. We strive to create products that can withstand high use situations, especially for schools. Thank you for choosing us and happy spiking!

Kassie Whittaker (Lehi, US)
High Quality Net!

I am a high school PE teacher. We got Premier Spike nets for our PE classes. They are the highest quality, and so easy to assemble and take down. The net stays pulled tight, and the legs are SO sturdy. I highly recommend the premier spike nets!

Thanks for taking the time to leave such a great review for our Premier Spike Set. We're so glad to hear that it's been a hit in your PE classes, our team takes pride in creating high-quality products that can withstand frequent use. We appreciate your recommendation and hope your students continue to enjoy using the Premier Spike Set. Have a great day!

Helium Shopify Apps (Gig Harbor, US)
We bought two nets. Sturdy! Well designed! Better than Spikeball.

We bought two nets for our company to play with on lunch breaks. As advertised, the net is MUCH STURDIER than the competition.

PLUS, the legs that double as ball holders are straight-up genius. This is not just a novelty. It is a VERY NICE feature. Balls don't roll away anymore every time the wind picks up... or when we're playing a quick game in the parking lot haha.

Our Spikeball Pro nets aren't going to be used very much now...

Hi there! We are thrilled to hear that you and your company are enjoying the sturdiness and well-designed features, and that's it's been a game-changer for your lunch break games. Thank you for choosing us over the competition, we truly appreciate your support. Happy spiking!

Premier Spike™


Interlocking Rims


Our rims slide into each other, preventing any twisting and turning to ensure the net is always flat.

Snap Fit Legs


The legs connect to the bottom of the rim with flexible tabs designed to unsnap if someone falls on the net. Plus, ball holders to keep your balls in place when playing on a hard surface.

Consistent Nets


Thicker rims allow you to properly tighten the net (without turning it into an oval), creating a bigger "sweet spot" in the middle. Plus, our set is twice as heavy as our competitors preventing it from moving mid-play.



Even though it's very sturdy, it's still designed to be taken apart and packed away in a bag (included) to take with you in your travels.