Premier Spike

Extra Premier Spike Balls

Size: 2-Pack

More balls means less ball-shagging. You can choose a 2-pack or 10-pack of Premier Spike balls.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jason Small (Gig Harbor, US)

First time I've bought a 10-pack of balls that actually turn out the same... with all of the 22 PS balls I've ended up acquiring (with more to come soon when they're back in stock!), they're all beautifully consistent! No longer is there a 50% chance that I pick up a ball and hate it. These are great and perform identically to the best "pro" balls, but every single one is like that!
With these though, I do find that they need to be washed with warm soapy water prior to playing with them, as they come somewhat slick feeling and pretty rubbery smelling. But afterwards they are so much more satisfying to use than any other ball I've used in the past!

Patrick (Salt Lake City, US)
The quality of the balls is just amazing!

When you order Spikeball Pros you have one perfect Ball in maybe 5-6 Balls.
But your Balls every single one of them is the same and perfectly round and feels super nice.
You guys did an amazing job here.