Premier Spike

Extra Premier Spike Balls

Size: 2-Pack

More balls means less ball-shagging. You can choose a 2-pack, or save & get a 10-pack of Premier Spike balls.

Elevate your roundnet game with our Premier Spike balls, crafted for peak performance and unmatched control. These balls provide extra grip in your hand, essential for players looking to bring precision and power to their game, whether it’s a casual backyard match or a competitive tournament setting.

Product Features:

  • Durable Construction: Made with high-quality rubber that is 10% thicker than our leading competitor, these balls withstand the rigors of intense gameplay and various outdoor conditions without losing their shape or bounce. 
  • Enhanced Grip: Each ball is designed with a specialized surface that enhances grip, reducing slippage and improving handling during high-stakes plays. This allows for better spikes, passes, and overall control of the game.
  • Optimal Size and Weight: The balls are sized and weighted to meet official tournament standards, providing a consistent playing experience for all skill levels.  Being roughly 10% heavier than other brands, helps to cut down the impact of playing in windy conditions, without sacrificing comfort and ball control.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jason Small (Gig Harbor, US)

First time I've bought a 10-pack of balls that actually turn out the same... with all of the 22 PS balls I've ended up acquiring (with more to come soon when they're back in stock!), they're all beautifully consistent! No longer is there a 50% chance that I pick up a ball and hate it. These are great and perform identically to the best "pro" balls, but every single one is like that!
With these though, I do find that they need to be washed with warm soapy water prior to playing with them, as they come somewhat slick feeling and pretty rubbery smelling. But afterwards they are so much more satisfying to use than any other ball I've used in the past!

Tim (Phoenix, US)
High quality

We love our premier spike set. We take everywhere we go including camping, the beach, and now it is set up in our living room. Super high quality! It never breaks despite its constant use.

Mirko Biondini (Milan, IT)

Qualità ottima, Bisogna prenderci confidenza dato che essendo abituato alle palline spikeball ,sono un po' più pesanti

Customer (South Jordan, US)
A definite improvement for the sport.

Took some time to get used to a slightly heavy weight, but now I’m a believer. Played a tournament this weekend where the temperatures were changing and the balls never deflated or inflated throughout the day the consistency was super nice. I wasn’t spending time chasing down “good balls” or messing with the pump periodically during the game. This tournament was also very very windy, and I think if different equipment was used, it may have been pretty miserable for all the players and many of us traveled a long ways. The balls definitely weren’t as affected by the strong winds. I don’t notice much of a difference in serving capability, you can generate a lot of spin and speed. Personally I don’t think my cut and reverse changed much. Cons- I think my arm is a little more sore the day after. I think I’ll get used to that overtime though.

Patrick (Salt Lake City, US)
The quality of the balls is just amazing!

When you order Spikeball Pros you have one perfect Ball in maybe 5-6 Balls.
But your Balls every single one of them is the same and perfectly round and feels super nice.
You guys did an amazing job here.