Premier Spike

Rubber Pad Attachments (for Hard Surface)

Our sets stay put pretty well, but if you play regularly on hardwood floors (or other hard surfaces) and want to really make sure it stays in place, these pads are cut precisely to fit in the bottom of each leg to ensure that consistent feel you've come to love from Premier Spike.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Andy Mak (Canton, US)
Gets the job done

I've played it on indoor turf and racquetball courts, and the net just stays put after each hit. It's super convenient to not have to move it after every single contact.

Guillaume Massé (Montreal, CA)
Barely moves!

With this rubber pad, the set rarely moves. Super helpful for indoor play!

Jason Small (Gig Harbor, US)
Must-have for playing indoors

When I practice hitting or serves on my own, typically I do so inside a racketball court at my university. Without the rubber pads, it's doable, but I'll have to adjust the net positioning every few hits (similar to with the traditional "pro" net). But having these rubber pads changes it a lot, and I'll hardly have to adjust the net at all over the course of a decently long serving/hitting session. Outside on grass or turf, you really won't need these though, but if you plan on playing indoors on a slick wood or concrete floor I'd definitely recommend snagging these add-ons!