At Premier Spike, we are excited to offer an extraordinary game that transcends boundaries and redefines the meaning of fun and competition. The essence of this game lies in its versatility, enabling players of all skill levels and abilities to enjoy it anywhere, whether your class is outside on turf and grass, or indoors on hardwood floors.

If you're in search of a fresh and exciting addition to your physical education curriculum, look no further. Join us and discover a world of endless possibilities for physical education, creativity, and competitive fun.

You can also check out the roundnet curriculum provided by OpenPhysEd.

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With sticky rubber pads included free with every PE order, our Premier Spike sets stay in place better than any other roundnet equipment, even on slick gym floors. Plus, our customers rave about how easy they are to assemble.

With our unique design, you won't find a more durable roundnet set anywhere else. They can withstand even the most rambunctious students kicking and falling on them without needing to replace parts.


We want to make it an easy to bring Premier Spike to your class. We know there are cheaper options at there, but teachers everywhere are opting for Premier Spike sets so they don't have to worry about replacing broken equipment.

With our exclusive educators' discount, you can save up to 30% w/FREE shipping, and our equipment is built to last for years!

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Each set comes with 5 rims, 5 legs, netting, 2 balls and a carrying bag; making it easy to store, with a quick setup to get class started.

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Don't just take
our word for it

See why PE teachers and students prefer Premier Spike:


We have used other versions of roundnet but found Premier Spike brand to be far more durable and longer lasting than other brands on the market today. This is the perfect version to use for high use situations like schools.

Carla Christiansen - PE Department Chair


Experience has taught me that not all physical education equipment is created equal. But Premier Spike's quality is unmatched, and it has become a great asset in our physical education program. Its durability is a testament to its superior design and construction. This robustness ensures that we can enjoy the game year after year, without worrying about frequent replacements. This is really valuable in a PE class setting where there is high use and the funding is low.

The designers of Premier Spike have truly thought of everything. The product is quick and easy to assemble and disassemble, saving us valuable class time. Moreover, the feet double as storage for the balls—a small but significant detail that adds to its convenience.

Chase Englestead - PE Department Chair


We've taught roundnet in our PE classes the past 2 years, and it's been a great addition getting students engaged that normally just sit on the side and watch.

We started using Premier Spike sets in 2023 and it makes such a difference! They are so easy to set up, the ball holders keeps extra balls from rolling all around the gym, and we didn't have to replace any parts from breaking! Normally we would break 2-3 Spikeball rims playing in every class period for a week, so using Premier Spike has saved us time, hassle, and money!

Kassie Whitaker - High School PE Teacher